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Press Releases

‘CONNEXION’ at The Opposite House

(Beijing, 19 May 2015) – The Opposite House has joined hands with Y.O.U to present ‘CONNEXION’, a classic exhibition that depicts an ancient voyage in a contemporary setting ‘CONNEXION’ may be viewed at the hotel’s Atrium from now to end of July.

Deriving its name from the word ‘connection’, the installation connects the human senses of sight, smell and touch. Viewers are presented with the oldest and longest wooden anchor ever discovered in China. Measured at 7.45 metres in length, the anchor dates back to the fifteenth century. Despite technology limitation of the era, the anchor possesses fine craftsmanship which cannot fail to impress. Viewers are also welcomed to touch the fleet of gold-plated, modern-sculpted ships surrounding the anchor.

Alongside the anchor is a metal cube representing the present world. The thousands of small holes placed in the cube present a visual of an ancient Chinese ship. To further enhance viewers’ experience, electric diffusers and candles diffuse Figuier provided by Diptyque Paris, also form part of the installation......


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