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Press Releases

The Opposite House Presents ‘Zhongying’s Icons’ by Shi Zhongying

(Beijing, 7 January 2015) – The Opposite House is proud to present ‘Zhongying’s Icons’, two groups of Buddha sculptures made from stainless steel mesh by Shi Zhongying. These remarkable works can be viewed at the hotel’s Atrium from now until end of March 2015.

Shi has discovered his interest toward Buddhism through deep discussions with friends and mentors, as a result he started to learn more about the religion and its philosophical thoughts. The wisdom behind Buddhism has greatly impacted Shi’s outlook on life and values, and inspired his art pieces.

The first group of ‘Zhongying’s Icons’ commenced with Self series which comprises of three works namely Self, Self - Pilgrimage and Self - Reincarnation. The sculptures portray genuflecting and extended postures of the Tibetan Buddhist pilgrim to reflect their humbleness, casting aside arrogance and completely abandoning the sense of Self......


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